Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is to improve the protection of the Black Sea environment. The project is addressing the overall need for support in protection and restoring the environmental quality and sustainability of the Black Sea.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives: are as follows:

  • Improve availability and quality of data on the chemical and biological status of the Black Sea, in line with expected MSFD and Black Sea Strategic Action Plan needs;
  • Improve partner countries’ ability to perform marine environmental monitoring along MSFD principles, taking into account Black Sea Diagnostic Report.


The following activities will be carried out:

Project Activity 1: Continue support to the implementation of the countries’ obligation under the Bucharest Convention and other related Conventions and Agreements;

Project Activity 2: Conducting National Pilot Monitoring Studies (NPMS);

Project Activity 3: Large scale implementation of training and intercomparison programmes on monitoring methods and quality assurance adhering to the ISO 17025 standard;

Project Activity 4: Joint Open Sea Surveys (JOSS), Implementation of the Joint Black Sea Survey Methodology along the lines of the MSFD, WFD, BSIMAP;

Project Activity 5: Upgrade and operate the web based Black Sea Water Quality Database;

Project Activity 6: Dissemination of knowledge and best practices, public awareness and visibility.

The project will strengthen national capacities of the respective national authorities for biological and chemical monitoring of water quality in the Black Sea, in line with EU water related legislation (EU WFD and MSFD). Significant effort will be put into training and capacity building. In order to promote ownership, engagement of local experts and organisations is foreseen. Relevant results and experiences of previous and ongoing projects will be duly taken into account.