Project Activity 1: Implementation of national and joint regional monitoring programmes

Project Activity 2: Facilitating of joint monitoring and reduction of marine litter

Project Activity 3: Conducting of environmental public awareness and educational campaigns

Project Activity 4: Ensuring project management and coordination

Project Activity 1: Support at the implementation of countries’ obligations under the Bucharest and other related Conventions and Agreements

Project Activity 2:  National Pilot Monitoring Studies (NPMS) – Development and implementation of NPMS for testing and harmonisation of developed by EMBLAS-I drafts of cost-effective National Black Sea Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programmes (N-BSIMAPs) in accordance with reporting obligations under the MSFD, WFD and BSIMAP

Project Activity 3: Large scale implementation of training and intercomparison programmes on monitoring methods and quality assurance adhering to the ISO 17025 standard

Project Activity 4: Joint Open Sea Surveys (JOSS) – Implementation of the Joint Black Sea Surveys methodology along the lines of the MSFD, WFD and BSIMAP

Project Activity 5: Upgrade and operation of the web-based Black Sea Water Quality Database

Project Activity 6: Dissemination of knowledge and best practices, public awareness and visibility