Public campaign “Sort Plastic – Save the Sea”, Ukraine

  • April 04, 2019


The component 2 of the project EMBLAS-Plus envisaged public involvement in the marine litter reduction. One of the ways to do this is to inform public about the consequences of littering and promoting recycling.

Main idea of the campaign: to involve educational institutions and authorities into plastic sorting.


A new hero – PlasticChew (Пластикожуй) is created jointly with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine to visualize this initiative.

The main idea is to make participants of the action to exchange one type of collected plastic (HDPE – plastic marked with 2) for the puzzles from recycled plastic, where the marine animals are drawn. The final goal is to collect the whole huge Black Sea puzzle. The plastic will be sent by local schools and communities to Odesa to existing laboratory of plastic transformation “Precious plastic” where it will be transformed into the puzzles (Figure 1).

The cartoon was developed about this action.

Results of registration:

During one week, 70 participants were registered, representing almost the whole Ukraine (Figure 2).

In total 8216 participants are directly involved in the action. Mainly participants are educational institutions (schools, universities, ecocenters, kindergardens – 71%).

Expected results:

Skills to sort plastic obtained

At least 980 kg of the HDPE is sent for recycling

Marine litter reduction

Black Sea awareness raising 

Network of the schools established for further actions.


It is planned to conduct the similar campaigns in other project countries, if the contracts with “Precious plastic” laboratories in these countries will be established.

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