“Secrets of the Black Sea” – the unique book about our Sea

  • July 17, 2020

The book “Secrets of the Black Sea” is a collection of 28 stories about the Black Sea and its inhabitants. The idea of the book belongs to the Dr. Boris Aleksandrov, Director of the Institute of Marine Biology in Odesa, who was a partner of the EMBLAS project. He tragically died in fire in winter 2019 and didn’t finish the book. It was later finalized by the large group of marine scientists, presenting the latest information in easy to read format. The book will be printed in four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and Georgian. Please see the book here.

Its presentation is a good opportunity not only to commemorate the great scientist Dr. Aleksandrov, but also to disseminate the book for wide public. It will be held on 24th of July in Odesa. The target audience include 50 people (limitations put by COVID-19), representing scientific and educational organizations, NGOs, central executive bodies, journalists etc.