“How marine litter harms the Black Sea” – a new striking cartoon

  • August 20, 2020

We are proud to present a new cartoon “How marine litter harms the Black Sea”, developed in the frame of the European Union – UNDP funded project EMBLAS-Plus. It is a bit scary, but giving hope in the end. Sadly, but pandemia of coronavirus led to increase of medical waste, much of which ends up in the Seas as well. Enjoy the cartoon, share it with friends and what is the most important try to follow key advices given in the end to prevent marine litter establishment:

Do not litter! The sea starts under your feet

Take part in beach clean-ups!

Sort domestic waste to enable recycling!

Give up single-use items and choose durable ones

If you need more information on marine litter composition, you can see the results of our surveys in infographics below.

Additionally, see the JRC report Harm caused by Marine Litter