In February 2017 in Georgia there will be a first presentation of the results of the Joint Black Sea surveys will be presented.

From May 16 till June 5 2016, in frame of the project, the Joint Black Sea Surveys (JOSS) were conducted both in Ukrainian and Georgian territorial waters using the biggest research vessel in EU “Mare Nigrum”.  The main goal of the surveys was to collect the new information about the environmental status of the Black Sea.

JOSS Russian Federation has been carried out at 12 stations in the Gelendzhik transect.

During the surveys many samples of water, sediments, biota were taken from the different depths including up to 2 km, which will be analyzed at the advance laboratories. The surveys are unique by the parameters measured and equipment used, therefore can be considered as one of the most important milestones in the scientific history of the Black Sea region.

The surveys are unique in many terms. These surveys are the first deep open Black Sea surveys in the territorial waters of Ukraine and Georgia; for the first time the parameters for determination of the good environmental status of the Black Sea will be defined based on their results; for the first time the screening of emerging organic pollutants, large-scale study of marine litter; photographic identity catalogue of dolphins’ populations will be performed; for the first time marine microbes will be identified by their DNA; first in XXI century study of the life in hydrogen sulphide layers; first determination of the status of the sea by the algae species and for the first time, detailed study of hypoxia was carried out.