• September 27, 2019

Russian National Monitoring Studies (NMS RF 2019) in the frame of the EMBLAS+ project were conducted 5-19 of August along the Russian coastal zone from Kerch Strait to Adler. The expedition was performed in two stages: 1) Northern part 5-14.08.2019 – from Kerch strait to river Pshada estuary on the R/V Peleng and 2) Southern part 14-19.08.2019 – Sochi-Adler area on the Yacht “Nika”. Field works were organized by joint scientific teams of State Oceanographic Institution (SOI) and Sochi Center of Hydrometerology and Ecology of Black and Azov Seas (SCHME BAS).

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Finally, 37 stations were done along the route with full list of meteorological and hydrological parameters.  All planned hydrological, chemical and biological samples were taken and transported to the relevant laboratories. The observations on marine mammals and marine litter were conducted along the whole route. The works were good organized and time planned as well as weather conditions allowed to held all the works without any delays.

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The aim of this expedition was to perform the national monitoring covering the coastal Russian zone with extended list of parameters according to MSFD list and thus to receive the most detailed picture of the ecological status of this region of the Black Sea.