Results of the Clean Beach Day in Ukraine

  • October 16, 2019

Over 7000 participants all around Ukraine joined Facebook challenge “I cleaned -It’s Your turn 2: Changing the future together”.  This challenge was a part of a global initiative – International Clean Beach Day.  Ukraine became one of the leaders in this initiative: 234 clean ups took place! We can estimate that in total about 35,7 tons of the waste was collected all around Ukraine.

Gymnasium No 3, Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Public school No 4, Poti, Georgia

The campaign is led by the EU funded projects: EU / UNDP project -EMBLAS-Plus, EUWI+.  , Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of UkraineДержавне агентство водних ресурсів УкраїниМіністерство освіти і науки України#EUBeachCleanup #Яприбрав_ТвояЧерга2 

The results are reported to the EU Beach Clean Up team in Brussels to be incorporated into the world wide report.

On behalf of organizers, we would like to thank to all participants of the action. Only together we can protect our rivers, seas and oceans from garbage!