Project Activity 1: Support at the implementation of countries’ obligations under the Bucharest and other related Conventions and Agreements

(as stated in the progress report # 1 January 2016 – 31 July 2016)

The overall aim of this PA is to help improving the indicator-based reporting of the BSC and facilitate the harmonisation process at regional level towards a common understanding of water quality, good environmental status, environmental targets and mass-loads (wastewater) calculations. In addition the project will support Ukraine and Georgia in planning the MSFD implementation, as well as provide assistance to BSC PS with the Black Sea (BS) Status of Environment Report and Strategic Action Plan Implementation Report (SAP IR) for the project beneficiary countries.

Progress of work and delivered results

The work on the Compliance indicators, WQ/GES Methodology remains to be on hold and shifted for the 2nd half of the 2016, as the priority of work was and is related to PA2 and PA4 – preparation of NPMS and JOSS, its implementation and processing of results, where the whole project team and project partners are involved.

The preparation of the Roadmap for implementation of the MSFD in GE and UA has continued. First draft for Ukraine prepared and submitted for an internal review by all involved project partners. It has been agreed that the final version will be sent to NEA (Georgia) as a template for the Georgian national Road Map. The final Road Map of Ukraine will also be provided to the APENA project (Support to Ukraine in approximation of the EU environmental acquis). It has been agreed that the final version will be sent to NEA (Georgia) as a template for their national Initial Assessment and GES identification.

Further support to the countries in this respect needs to be further discussed with the Black Sea Commissioners and coordinated with relevant experts / other projects in order to avoid overlap in work and efforts.

Planned activities until the end 2016

In the 2nd half of 2016 it is planned to re-initiate the work on compliance indicators, Water Quality / Good Environmental Status Methodology and Mass-load methodology. The results of the JOSS and NPMS will help with the preparation of the WQ/GES methodology.

The Road Map for MSFD implementation drafted for Ukraine should be finalized and this document should be also drafted for Georgia. Relevant expert of EMBLAS-II will be attending APENA ‘Workshop on Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive, Training block A, Southern region’ on 13-14 September 2016 in Odessa (ref. Guidance document No. 5 – Transitional and Coastal Waters – Typology, Reference Conditions and Classification Systems).

Further cooperation is planned with the Work Group on the MSFD, recently created at the Ukrainian Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Overview on overall deliverables

    1. Compliance indicators report
    1. Proposal on modification of selected BSC data/ information reporting sheets to incorporate the new compliance indicators
    1. BS SAP IR () – GE, RF, UA Regional report
    1. Recommendations on the BS SAP 2009 revision
    1. Regional WQ/GES methodology
    1. Mass-loads’ methodology
    1. Report on reference conditions and environmental targets
    1. Harmonisation workshops back to back with meetings of BSC AGs and BSC + materials (minutes, lists of participants, supporting documents); input from expert harmonisation workshops organised in PA 3
    1. Roadmap for implementation of the MSFD in GE and UA
  1. A plan for the development of Initial Assessment (IA) and GES determination in GE and UA

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