• April 01, 2019

Within EMBLAS project special surveys were devoted to monitoring of:

  • Riverine floating litter at the following rivers (Danube, Dniester, Don and Rioni)
  • Beach litter
  • Marine floating litter.

Floating litter was monitored using JRC Mobile application for Floating litter monitoring

Beach Litter Monitoring was done using the Marine LitterWatch mobile app, developed by the European Environment Agency. The application can be used for monitoring by organized communities: find your beach at the on-line map, fill the protocol and send the data on marine litter monitoring to the European Environment Agency. The link for downloading the software to your mobile device is here

The results of the monitoring are presented at the infographics below.

This information becomes especially important in light of a law banning a wide-range of single-use plastic items, such as straws, cotton buds and cutlery, by 2021, approved recently by the European Parliement.

The infographic in english:

The infographic in ukrainian:

The infographic in georgian: