• September 20, 2019

JOIN the 2019 #EUBeachCleanup! Do you know that if current trends continue, our oceans, seas and rivers could contain more plastic than fish by 2050? In order to draw attention to this, millions of volunteers all over the World gather on 21of September to clean the beaches. EU invites you to join this global initiative, in Ukraine under motto “I cleaned – Your Turn 2: Changing the Future Together”.

What can YOU do? Get together with your friends to clean up the banks of a river or sea coast, register at and send photos “before” and “after” the clean up. First 1000 participants get an ecobag! Take action any time between  16-30 September 2019.

Lets protection our rivers, seas and oceans together!

The campaign is conducted with the support of Представництво Європейського Союзу в Україні, Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine (Міністерство екології та природних ресурсів України), Державне агентство водних ресурсів УкраїниМіністерство освіти і науки УкраїниUNDP Ukraine / ПРООН в Україні, EU / UNDP project-EMBLAS-Plus, EUWI+.  #EUBeachCleanup#Яприбрав_ТвояЧерга2 #MovingForwardTogether