• June 15, 2020

Do you know that most marine litter (83%) is plastic? One of the ways to ensure better recycling. But what to do with the plastic which is not accepted for recycling (so called illiquid plastic, e.g. plastic cups and plates)?

The new innovative equipment was developed in Odesa as a part of pilot project “Illiquid plastic. New life in Recycled Tiles” in the frame of EMBLAS-Plus project in order to create a new product from possible waste.

The process of creating tiles out of the recycled plastic consists of several steps:

–      Sorting of plastic (at this stage it is important to take out all illiquid plastic from general plastic waste);

–      Cutting illiquid plastic at automatic shredder;

–      Pressing the plastic chips under high temperature into the tiles.

The obtained tiles are light in weight, colourful and durable. It is planned to put the tiles in open space in Odesa to test their durability and “advertise” this new product. It is expected that people will support this initiative and start to provide their illiquid plastic to the Precious Plastic laboratory in this way preventing marine litter establishment.

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