• June 25, 2021

We invite you to join the action “Dolphin in exchange for plastic caps”.

Every year more and more plastic is found in rivers and the Black Sea. According to a study by the EMBLAS project, 83% of marine litter found in the Black Sea is plastic.

We offer a unique opportunity – to help the Black Sea and rivers become clean and give a second life to plastic litter. What can you do about it? Exchange 10 kg of caps or any plastic marked with sign “2” (HDPE plastic) for a designer dolphin puzzle made of the same plastic.

We invite pupils, students, members of public or other organizations – everyone who care about the health of our seas. Both teams and individual participants are invited to participate.

Stages of the action:

✔️register at Google form

✔️collect 10 kg of plastic marked with the sign “2” by September 1. This plastic is marked with the number “2” / “02” in the triangle or the inscription “HDPE” / “PE-HD” under the triangle. These are usually bottle caps, colored bottles of household chemicals, etc.

✔️send plastic free of charge to the workshop “Plastic reincarnation” (the address of the workshop will be sent to you by e-mail after registration)

✔️until October 1, expect a gift in the form of a dolphin puzzle at the post office specified at registration

PlastiChew accepts such plastic:

✔️clean and without labels

✔️sorted by color

Feed the cartoon character – PlastiChew Romchyk and prevent pollution of the sea and rivers in the future!

The action is organized by the # ZeroWasteSchoolKherson team with the support of the EU / UNDP Project EU4EMBLAS in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.