• September 22, 2021

Over the past weekend, two more organized cleanups took place on the beaches of the Black Sea in Ukraine.

Organizer: Recreational and tourist complex Budjak
Location: Primorske village, Odesa region
Date and time: September 18, 2021



| more than 100 participants of the action;

| 6 kilometers of cleaned recreational area of ​​the Black Sea coast and the Danube Biosphere Reserve;

| 100 bags of collected litter;

| about 5 hours of intensive work of like-minded people in the fresh air (Figure 1);

| more than 1000 inspired smiles and a glitter of pleasure in dozens of eyes πŸ™‚

Figure 1. Cleanup of the Black Sea coastline

The eco-event was aimed at drawing attention to the really important environmental issues related to the ecology degradation of the Black Sea coast, as well as the lack of effective methods in Ukraine for collecting and recycling of litter – products of the recreational and tourism sector.

Active students of the Secondary school, representatives of the united territorial community of Vilkove, the partner NGO International Foundation for Development, as well as entrepreneurs of cafes and recreation centers of the recreational zone of the village of Primorsky – all of them were involved in the cleanup.

As a sign of joining the action, students received attributive T-shirts (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Active students in gift T-shirts

Before cleanup, there was organized a workshop where participants listened to lectures on ecological culture, acquired sorting skills and received diplomas and souvenir eco-products. As part of this event, containers for the separate collection of recyclables were also donated by the EU / UNDP EMBLAS project (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Presentation of diplomas and gifts to participants

Organizer: Zero Waste School: Kherson
Location: Dzharilgach island
Date and time: September 19, 2021



|about 200 participants;

| two cleanup locations: Dzharilgach Island from Skadovsk side and from Lazurny side.

| 86 collected huge bags of litter sorted into fractions.

The action was attended by students of Secondary school 32, students of Kherson State University, Hydrometeorological college, members of the environmental group from Gola Prystan, members of the environmental center “Dolphin” from Skadovsk, students of Malokopan Secondary school, students of the Center for Children and Youth Creativity and all inerested residents of Kherson (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Cleanup of the Dzharilgach Island

The day before, an Ecolectorium was held in Kherson on the topic “Modern environmental problems and ways to solve them”. Students listened to a series of lectures from experts and representatives of environmental organizations. As part of this Ecolectorium, students were given a mini-lecture “Our Black Sea: Problems and Solutions”, which announced the results of research conducted under the EU / UNDP EMBLAS project.