• October 04, 2021

At present, the research vessel “Belgica” under Ukrainian flag travels from the Northern Sea to the Black Sea, taking a lot of samples on the way. Although there is no stable internet connection at the vessel, we will publish some notes as we get them from the vessel.

2nd of October 2021 – the first day of the cruise

“The first day of our cruise just finished. Yesterday, we made the first station at the position with its GSP (Lat: 51° 21.44 and Lon: 2°14.989) in the Northern Sea – due to very heavy (windy and high waves) weather conditions only several tasks were successfully done like:

·       taking seawater samples using bathometer for DNA analysis;

·       1000 L of seawater passed through the cascade of sieves for microplastics;

·       seawater spot samples (2 L  for liquid chromatography and 30 L for gas chromatography);

·       large volume of solid-phase extraction is running (actually passed through the system more than 600 L of seawater).

We passed the Canal Lamanche and continue in our cruise to the station number two”.

To date, we have established via satellite that our “Belgica” has entered the Bay of Biscay!