• October 15, 2021

Now the scientific team of the research vessel “Belgica” is working in the Mediterranean Sea – the second of the three “seas planned.

Close to 70 % of the length of the cruise is passed now. The samples are taken at 11 stations, out of which 5 are in the North-Atlantic region.

Our scientists wrote: “Fortunately, we had luck to get the first portion of sediment from the depth of 130 m. Today we are sailing around Cyclades islands, hoping to have luck to add one more station with sediment”. Besides, they have processed almost 17 m3 of seawater for intended analyses to be done later on. Now the storm is chasing our team in the Sea, but we hope they will escape quickly to be on the safe side. Please take a look at the trajectory of the cruise and some beautiful photos of Andriy Zotov.”

You can follow the current location of the r/v “Belgica” using the link.

Figure 1. a, b) photo by Andriy Zotov from the cruise; c) map of stations of the R / V “Belgica” on its path