• November 02, 2021

The Black Sea Day which is celebrated on 31st of October went very actively in Georgia. 

International conference dedicated to the Black Sea Day “Learn more about your sea” 

Scientists from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia presented different important topics to kids, including

Possible future dangers to the Black Sea;

Development of aquaculture;

• Current state of the Black Sea near Ukrainian and Georgian shores.

Children from 3 schools (one from Poti and two from Batumi) as well as students from Batumi university listened to the lectures and actively asked the questions. 

Joint clean-up of the beach near the mouth of Chorokhi

The project provided transport for all participants to the mouth of Chorokhi, where they collected river and marine waste. In total more than 10 100 l bags of the waste. 

Marine excursion

After hard work all the participants have travelled by the vessel “Natalia’ by the Black Sea to Gonio village. There they visited the marine farm on mussels growing. 

At the board of the vessel, there was a lively discussion about the Black Sea. The kids also have got the books “Secrets of the Black Sea” in Georgian and other presents.

All participants were extremely happy about this event and asked to participate in the future.