• May 20, 2022

Georgia, together with Ukraine, is worried about the fate of the Black Sea.

Just as today’s events unite everyone, so the Black Sea unites Ukraine and Georgia. This is our common home, our friend, our welfare. Therefore, in support of Ukraine, Georgia is launching a similar drawing contest. As part of this contest, every Georgian will be able to express their feelings to the sea or convey its beauty to those who are currently unable to enjoy it personally.

Find the contest in Georgian on Facebook here or read in English below:


The war changed the lives of Ukrainians, changed everything at all, and took away the sea from them. But they believe it is only temporary. The aggressors could not take away the main things – hopes and dreams.

Therefore, we invite you to take part in the contest and dream with us about how we will meet our sea after end of the war, how we will help it recover, how we will walk its shores free of mines and shells, learn its secrets again, enjoy its endless blue spaces!

Or maybe you want to express sincere love or sadness for it, or imagine how the sea is closely bound to us. Any expression of imagination is welcome!

So let’s share our thoughts, feelings and dreams about the sea:

1) Create a picture in a format convenient for you. You can choose any materials or way to create your drawing.
2) Post a picture on Facebook with the hashtag #
სიზმრები_შავ_ზღვაზე and send in a personal message @Kate Surai until 31.05 inclusive.
3) Fill out a short form at:
4) Receive confirmation of receipt of your work

From June 1 to 7 , we will publish all the works on our page and select the 5 best works. The winners will get special prizes. The rest of paticipants will recieve a keychain made of recycled plastic and an electronic diploma.

The best works will form the basis of a special collection of leaflets that will be distributed in the countries of the Black Sea region and the EU.

Join us!

Let’s dream together of peace on the Black Sea

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The contest is supported by the EU / UNDP project “European Union for Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea” (EU4EMBLAS) 🔗