• June 08, 2022

We announce the drawing contest is over. The results are posted in our Facebook group. You can read them at the link or in the text below.

Today, on the World Day of the Seas and Oceans, we summarize the results of our creative contest, which we announced for all residents of Ukraine. By the way, we will announce the results of the contest for Georgia soon 😊.

For two weeks in a row, we received your dreams, feelings, thoughts about the Sea.

You have sent us an incredible number of wonderful works – 98 drawings of different styles, with different feelings, for different skill levels. Each work is beautiful and unique in its own way: the desire for peace, so dreamed by every Ukrainian today; the colorfulness of the imagination, which is especially striking in such difficult times for us and gives hope; creative approach; charming sincerity…

We are happy to unite such a large community of creative people in this contest and we are sincerely grateful to each artist for their participation!

In evaluating the works, our criteria were relevance to the topic, originality of the work, as well as knowledge of nature and the inhabitants of the Black Sea (unfortunately, octopuses, coral reefs, palm trees are not related to Ukrainian Black Sea region. So, no matter how difficult it is for us to choose the favorites among the absolute number of wonderful works, as promised, we present you our winners:

1) “Dream”, Andriy Chaichuk (9 years old, Ochakiv)

2) “I’m going to you”, Yana Alekseenko (11 years old, Berezanka, Mykolaiv region)

3) “Our dream unites”, Natalia Skakun (Cherkasy)

4) “Self-portrait”, Daria Voytiuk (10 years old, Odesa)

5)”Colorful underwater world”, Andriy Mazurin (6 years old, Ochakiv).

And an additional place with a special prize is dedicated to the work “Black Sea Mollusks” by Mark Kormyzhenko (8 years old, Odesa) for a scientific approach to the creative task 🙂

Dear participants, thank you all for your active participation!

Winners, wait for your prizes and diplomas until June 15. All participants will receive Pocket Determinants of the Black Sea inhabitants and diplomas.

And let your bright dreams not lose their power for a moment!

The competition is supported by the EU / UNDP project “European Union to Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea” (EU4EMBLAS) 🔗 https://emblasproject.org/