• October 31, 2022

Today is a very important day for those who live near our Sea – the International Black Sea Day. We all depend on its marine ecosystems and need it.

Some wisdom and wishes from the Ukrainian displaced kids, expressed in their descriptions to the art works “Black Sea diary”:

“For me Sea is an alive habitat, which unites many different marine creatures”

“People should respect the Black Sea!”

“I wish the Black Sea to have the war over, because the sounds of explosions frighten or sometimes kill its inhabitants…”

“I wish the Black Sea to be cleared from mines…”

“I wish the Black Sea to be in harmony with its marine and coastal population”

“Cramp fish should not be alone”… 

EU4EMBLAS supported the number of public awareness raising activities for the Black Sea Day:

• Opening of the children marine art exhibitions “Black Sea diary”, Ukraine and “With love to our Sea”, Georgia;

Art exhibition “Black Sea diary”, Ukraine

Art exhibition “With love to our Sea”, Georgia

• Beach clean-up and the lecture about the peculiarities of our Sea in Batumi, Georgia;

• Presentation of the special Black Sea stamps collection made from the art works of the children.

This week we will also announce three new interesting marine competitions. More information will follow.

Our Black Sea, we care about you and try to do our best to keep you clean and alive!