• November 07, 2022

The EU-UNDP project “European Union for Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea” (EU4EMBLAS) united with the student ecological team Zero Waste School: Kherson announced the start of new Facebook contest “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BLACK SEA DOLPHIN”.

“Do you like dolphins? If so, share your knowledge and feelings about them with us.

We are waiting for your stories in the form of a poem, a fairy tale or a picture.

We remind you that three species of cetaceans live in our Black Sea: Bottlenose Dolphin, Common Dolphin and Harbour Porpoise. The Black Sea Harbour Porpoise is the smallest cetacean living on Earth:
sometimes the size of an adult animal reaches only 110 cm long and the weigh is 25 kg. All Black Sea cetaceans eat fish: the Harbour Porpoise prefers gobies, the Bottlenose Dolphin – flounder and mullet, and they all readily eat hamsa, sprat, horse mackerel and whiting. Common Dolphins gather in large communities with hundreds of individuals, Bottlenose Dolphins like to live in smaller groups, and Harbour Porpoises can be seen together only occasionally, for example, moving from one part of the sea to another. Our dolphins are so different.

Learn more about Black Sea dolphins here.

Unfortunately, all species of dolphins suffer from military actions. These animals have mainly sound perception of the world, so they perceive any extraneous noise very painfully, especially explosions. Currently, dolphins become deaf and die from acoustic injuries, wash ashore, fleeing from loud explosions. Our scientists are already studying the state of dolphin populations and looking for ways to help them.

Children aged from 6 to 16 years from any part of Ukraine are invited to participate.

Terms of the contest:

🔸Choose which type of dolphin you will write about.

🔸Imagine what the day of an average Black Sea dolphin looks like today, and express your opinion using a prose work (story, essay, fairy tale) / poetic work (poem) / graphic or pictorial work (drawing) – at your choice.

🔸Register at the link: until 14.11.2022 inclusive.

🔸Wait for the result of the contest already on 20.11.2022.

Participants will get useful gifts, and the winner – a power bank.

We are waiting for your work.”