• November 10, 2022

The EU/UNDP project “European Union for Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea (EU4EMBLAS)” joined with student ecological team Zero Waste School: Kherson launched another contest for Ukrainians on Facebook.

“What benefit can we bring to our Black Sea when we are so far away from it?

Every we did for it before! The sea doesn’t start from it`s shore, but from the river, near which we like to walk so much, and even from the tap water in our home.

Let us remind you that there are 6 large rivers flow into Black Sea: the Danube, the Dnister, the South Bug, the Dnipro, the Don and the Kuban. They bring their water to the sea and our responsibility lies in the quality of this water.

Today, our sea suffers not only from war, but also from pollution, as before. Scientists have conclused that it will be more plastic than fish untill 2050 if we don’t change the situation. So, no matter how far away we are now, our task is to take care of the purity of the Black Sea. That’s why we continue to clean up our shores, sort our waste, make new useful things from used plastic and be responsible for the selection and utilization of the products we use.

Let’s share ecological habits with each other – make a video about them and participate in the contest:

🔹Create a video about your eco-habits that save the Black Sea

🔹Post a video on Facebook with the hashtag #екоморе (do not forget to make the post public) – until 30.11.2022 inclusive

🔹Write in the comments to this post that you have fulfilled all the conditions

🔹Wait for the results on 5.11.2022

🔹Get a useful gift for participating and compete for the main prize – a powerbank

We continue to take care of Our Sea. And let us rejoice in the thought that, despite the great distance, we remain connected with it 🙂”