• November 15, 2022

New campaign supported by the EU/UNDP project “European Union for Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea (EU4EMBLAS)” and student ecological team Zero Waste School: Kherson has started on Facebook.

“While our own Kherson is just preparing to meet us, in honor of its liberation, we are launching an interesting connection – Uzhhorod – Kherson. It is also dedicated to the World Recycling Day, because it is designed to promote the recycling plastic and reducing its quantity in rivers and our Sea throughout Ukraine. It is interesting that PlasticChew (cartoon characters created as part of plastic recycling campaigns) from Zakarpattia will help to another one from Kherson (Zero Waste School: Kherson team), because creative plastic recycling laboratories were opened in Uzhgorod and Kherson, following the example of Odesa.

We know that many of you have been waiting for PlasticChew returning and with great faith continued to collect HDPE plastic for him or are ready to start doing it at the first call. So we invite everyone willing and interested to join our favorite plastic collection campaign.

The conditions are simple and familiar:

🔸 Register via the link:

🔸 Collect 5 kg of plastic marked “02” or “HDPE” (bottle caps, small packaging from hygiene and cleaning products, etc.). Plastic must be clean and sorted by color.

🔸 Until November 30, 2022, send the collected plastic to the workshop of PlasticChew from Zakarpattia for free. Wait for the shipping instructions on your e-mail after registration.

The collected plastic will be used to create a sign “Kherson is Ukraine”, which will be placed in the largest shopping mall of Kherson “Fabryka” by the end of this year, because there are special containers for collecting plastic.

Before the New Year holidays, each team will receive a unique guardian angel made of self-collected and recycled plastic!”