• December 02, 2022

Today, December 2, we announced the results of Facebook video contest “Eco-habits for the Black Sea”.
During the last three weeks, participants had an opportunity to make a video about their favorite eco-habit and try to win one of the useful prizes – a powerbank or a flashlight.
As of today, we have 5 great videos and 20 participants. Unfortunately, the problems with the lack of electricity and Internet connection stood in the way of involvement of a larger number of participants. But the existing ones have done a good job and managed to highlight the main eco-habits for the rest of the audience.
See our greeting Facebook post below.

” Dear fans, we are sincerely grateful to everyone who joined the contest and shared a video about their favorite eco-habit with the hashtag #екоморе ! It became a good reminder to each of us how we can help our sea feel better in today’s realities.

In your wonderful videos, you remind us that our sea feels better:

When we reduce the use of plastic so that it doesn’t end up in rivers and the sea;

🛍When we prefer the reusable items – eco-bags or bottles for water etc.;

🧴When we use phosphate-free detergents;

🌲 And even when we choose an artificial Christmas tree instead of real one, thereby contributing to the reduction of deforestation, because in nature everything is interconnected.

It is especially nice that many of you combine eco-habits with art. This shows your interest in leading an eco-friendly lifestyle 🙂

Thank you for remembering to take care of the environment under all circumstances.

Each participant will get a gift – be sure to check your direct message.

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The contest is held by the EU / UNDP project “European Union for Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea (EU4EMBLAS)”🔗 together with the student environmental team Zero Waste School: Kherson.