• January 17, 2023

We are sincerely glad to announce that despite the difficulties we had to face, we managed to hold our favorite plastic collection campaign and did it very successfully!

For creating a commemorative plaque “With Kherson in the heart” we were recieved plastic from different parts of Ukraine: teams from 19 regions from the north, south, west, and east joined us, which truly united once again our country.

As always, schools took the most active part – 87% of all participants were schoolchildren. Many people continued to collect plastic from the same previous campaign and admitted that they saved it until the next one, hoping in their hearts that neither the war nor any troubles would prevent us from holding it again. Thank you for believing and waiting!

Unfortunately, the realities of our life made adjustments to the cam[aign as well – not everyone who wanted could participate due to the lack of electricity and connection, or even the ability to gather together for a common goal. Despite this, we managed to unite 48 strong large teams with a total number of more than 10,000 people, and even this is a real miracle!

In total, 392 kg of HDPE plastic was collected and sent for recycling, which means that there was less litter by the same kg. As a sign of gratitude, each team will receive a diploma and a guardian angel from the plastic they collected and we recycled. Part of the plastic was also used to make a commemorative plaque “With Kherson in the heart”, which was already installed in the shopping mall of liberated Kherson. It is symbolic that this table contains pieces of plastic from all over Ukraine.

Our campaign has finished, but we hope you will continue to sort your waste, because sorted waste is becoming a cool new resource.

The action is implemented by the EU / UNDP project “European Union for strengthening the ecological monitoring of the Black Sea (EU4EMBLAS)” together with the student environmental team Zero Waste School: Kherson and the Zakarpattia regional organization of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League.

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