• March 06, 2023

The Black Sea is one of the few seas in the world that has a “color” name. There are several versions why our own sea is the black. The first version of the mouth of the Roman geographer Pomponius Mela says that the name of the sea was given because of its “inhospitality”, so long as in its waters it was possible to face a belligerent population. According to other versions, the Black Sea was named black because of its depth or the high content of hydrogen sulfide in its water. But its color is not only black. Depending on a large number of factors, it can acquire a very wide color range. So we have an interesting offer: let’s collect our own Black Sea palette together and destroy the myth that the Black Sea is black!

Take simple steps and join the photo challenge:

1. Find in your gallery or make a new photo with interesting and unusual Black Sea colors.

2. Send your photos by filling out the form: https://forms.gle/TgnPrncCZEHVTyJd9 .

3. We should not only admire the sea but also protect it, so when filling out the form, do not forget to specify one of your favorite habits that help the Sea.

4. Tell others about our challenge: post your photos on Facebook using the hashtag #ЧорноморськаПалітра (#BlackSeaPalette).

We sure you have the collection of a dozen wonderful photos of the Black Sea, and some of you will be happy to stroll to it now to admire its beauty at least from afar. So take your camera and catch a variety of colors!

The campaign lasts until March 20, 2023. Authors of the 5 best photos and 5 best eco-tricks will get special gifts from EU4EMBLAS
🙂 . The winners will be announced on the World Water Day (March 22).