• March 23, 2023

Thanks everyone who participated in the contest “The Black Sea is not only black”, which is held as part of the EU / UNDP project “European Union for Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea”, and shared such wonderful photos and tips on how to protect our Black Sea.

In total, we received an incredible 54 works from all over Ukraine and even Georgia. Since you all have very good advice, we decided to redistribute the prizes and give 10 prizes for pictures and 1 for advice in the poem.

The winners in the “photo” category:

1. Lyubov Samoliuk, 8 years old, Ochakiv, Mykolaiv region.
“I have one bottle for water, it means that I don’t buy water in bottles in the store.”

2. Nonna Krystat, 55 years old, Odesa
“I live near Luzanivka beach. Every year, at the end of April, I take part in cleaning – we clean the sea coast and the park area. And after a rest, we don’t leave any waste behind.”

3. Dmytro Krystat, 27 years old, Odesa
“Every year I clean the coastal area on the season opening
eve (except last year). But I hope that this year will be the same again as in previous years”
(we also hope for that).

4. Ruslan Lupashko, 26 years old, village Lebedivka, Odesa region
“Do not leave litter”

5. Elene Kurtanidze, 23 years old, Batumi, Georgia
“Cleaning up, it doesn’t matter who throws out the waste, the main thing is to clean up if we see it, not pass by.”

6. Olga Patratii, 52 years old, village Vilshanka, Vinnytsia region
“We help the sea inhabitants to return home if the waves threw them ashore.”

7. Matvii Lysyuk, 14 years old, Berdychiv, Zhytomyr region
“The sea is always a mystery, and the boundless expanse of water of different colors, is surprising. I have a habit of using water sparingly. I acquired it at the classes of the “Young Naturalists-Researchers” group. I think it is useful. And I sort paper, plastic and glass with my friends.”

8. Ilya Strashevych, 18 years old, Cherkasy
“Given the fact that the sea suffers from a large amount of plastic, it is worth limiting its use in everyday life. And it’s not difficult at all: go to the store with an eco-bag so you don’t need to take plastic bags.”

9. Natalia Skakun, 36 years old, Cherkasy
“A good habit is to be the change you want to see in others!… I study and teach! Even small steps will also help with the global problem of sea pollution!”

10. Valeriya Kucher, 16 years old, Cherkasy
“I write beautiful essays: about the sea and its inhabitants, about the environment and the value of the water, about problems and ways to solve them! .. The more information people around us know, the better we can preserve the environment.”

The winner in the “eco-habits” category is Karina Tsyka, 8 years old, village, Bucynivka, Odesa region for wonderful poems. Here is one of them:

Do not peel the seeds
Don’t throw the cobs.
At the seashore
Keep your surroundings clean.

We will contact the winners by the end of the week and send the gifts, and everyone else will receive certificates by email.
Thank you for protecting and loving our Sea!

#Black Sea Palette