Mollusc barnea is one of the ecological sentinels as it reacts rapidly on the pollution of the Black Sea, mostly by nutrients. If you find its shell at the coast (normally limestone or clay) it indicates that the mollusc lives here and therefore the environmental status of the Black Sea is good, as its shell is very fragile and cannot sustain long. Because of the strange characteristic structure of the valves it got called “Angel’s wings”.

This mollusc is selected as a model for the metallic sculpture, which is planned to be installed in Batumi, Georgia and Odesa, Ukraine.


We propose you to write a story / fairytale / legend, in which you describe:

  • What does the Black Sea angel protect?
  • How to explain that its wings ended up in the sea?
  • What magic power do the wings have if you touch the sculpture?

The stories should be sent to till 26. 10. 2016.

The same competition is announced in Georgia.



The best legend / story (the first place – one for two countries) will be published near the sculpture, and its author will get underwater camera as a prize. Two second places (in Ukraine and Georgia) will be awarded with an e-book and two third places (in Ukraine and Georgia) with the world scratch map. All participants will get diplomas from the project and stories will be published at the project web-site. Note: the age of participants is limited  from 5 to  15 years old.