On 21st of April with the support of Odesa city administration despite of the hard weather conditions, special sculpture of the mollusc indicating good environmental status of the Black Sea “Angel’s wings” was officially installed at Lanzheron beach in Odesa. It became the symbol of the joint efforts of Georgia and Ukraine on the Black Sea protection as far as the second pair of wings will be installed in Batumi.

The sculpture represents the shell of the Black Sea mollusc Barnea candida. A unique shape and structure of the surface earned the shell a nickname ‘Angel’s wings’. The mollusc is one of the ecological sentinels as it reacts rapidly on the pollution of the Black Sea, mostly by nutrients.1492825408-11862017042_cr-617x540The sculpture was installed in frame of the press-conference of the EMBLAS-II project “How healthy is our Black Sea”, held in the same day. The sculpture has the winning legend about the Black Sea angel origin on its another side at Ukrainian, Georgian and English.

It raised a significant interest among the public, who wants to make selfies with t and in the same time starting to think about the Black Sea and own contribution to its protection. It became a start of the “Black Sea Guardian Angel’s” community, targeted on public monitoring of the beach and marine litter, environmental sentinels and dolphins.Рисунок3

See the video of the opening here.