The event supported by the EMBLAS project was conducted in Poti, Georgia on 28 October 2017. The key local organizer was Poti school # 4.

The event included a number of the events.

First one was clean-up of the Black Sea beach from litter. The school children (more than 100 people) were split in three groups along the coast in Poti. As a result, more than 120 large waste bags were collected. The organizers asked children to pay attention to the dominant types of waste in support of the further discussion. See at the photos “collection” of one team.
Further there were presentations about the Black Sea for all participants in visitor center of Colkhida National Park. The event was opened by Tamar Bargatia, Head of National Environmental Agency, Director of Kolkhida national park A. Habeishvili, EMBLAS project and director of Poti school # 4 Giviko Homeriki.

Archil Guchmanidze presented the key new facts about the Black Sea collected in frame of the EMBLAS project. Dr. Eugen Dykyi presented the current situation with the dolphin’s population in the Black Sea. Olena Marushevska presented the issue of marine litter, great pacific garbage patch, top marine litter items and their adverse effect for the environment. It was a great pleasure to hear the presentations of pupils about their research work in the Black Sea.3A special value of the event was a cartoon about the marine litter developed by Ia Khizanishvili, 10 klass, Public School N4. See below.

Later all participants were split into 6 groups to paint answers about the Black Sea biodiversity under the guidance of experienced trainers from Georgia, Russian Federation and Ukraine at large Black Sea map (1,5 m x 1 m). Children were excited to draw jelly fish, anchoes, main algae etc in teams. In the end such a great result was obtained. It was an honor to hear that Tamar Bargatia takes the map to put it in her office in Tbilisi.


All participants got the stickers, showing they became full members of the Black Sea Guardian Angel community and gifts. In the end all participants enjoyed the huge Black Sea cake and some presents from the projects.6In total more than 100 people took part in the event, uniting education, local authorities, environmental authorities, specialists of different Black Sea countries.

The project expresses a huge gratitude to Poti school # 4 and especially Marina Miminoshvili for all support provided to have this event done successfully and raise awareness about biodiversity and problems of the Black Sea as well as the our contribution to their solution.7