The event supported by the EMBLAS project was conducted in Odesa, Ukraine on 30 October 2017. The key local organizer was youth camp “Moloda Gvardia”.

The event started from the presentations about the Black Sea, done by Galyna Minicheva, Institute of Marine Biology of about the key problems of the Black Sea and Viktor Komorin, Ukrainian Center of Ecology of Sea about the marine litter and state of the dolphins’ populations. In the end the video about the philofora field was shown all participants were split into 6 groups to paint the Black Sea map. The main task was to sign the key cities and to draw the answers regarding the Black Sea biodiversity. The groups were led by experienced trainers: Viktor Komorin, Galyna Minicheva, Kateryna Kalashnyk, Ivan Synegub, Aleksandr Kurakin and Olena Marushevska.2-3After two hours happy participants got such a product.55After some discussion it was decided to give this map as a present to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine to reinforce the current priority of the Ministry to protect the Black Sea.

All participants got the stickers, showing they became full members of the Black Sea Guardian Angel community and gifts.

Many thanks to Moloda gvardia and all the trainers!

See wonderful video from the event, done by Aleksandr Kurakin here:

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