The event supported by the EMBLAS project was conducted in Sochi, Russian Federation on 27 October 2017. The key national organizers were State Oceanographic Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and Department of Education in Sochi. The event took place at Environmental-Biological center named after Sokolov, uniting pupils from 6 schools of Sochi (38 children).

The event started from the presentation about the new facts about the Black Sea, done by Jaroslav Slobodnik, EMBLAS team leader and Maria Pogojeva, national coordinator of the project in RF.  31After this, an interesting quest about the Black Sea and its problems started. It included the questions in the field of biology, geography, ecology of the Black Sea as well as creative tasks. 32Later the results of the Black Sea SaveBook game  devoted to environmental monitoring of the Black Sea were presented. It is worth to mention that during September – October 2017, a competition for teachers of Sochi was conducted regarding the children’s involvement into the Black Sea SaveBook. In total, 62 children took part in the game, out of them 13 got more than 350 points and were awarded with presents and “Angel’s wings” pins. The two teachers, whose classes got the maximum number of points in the game, were also awarded. 33After the awarding procedure Maria Pogojeva conducted a workshop for teachers regarding introduction of the methods of study of marine litter into the educational process.

Many thanks to Anna Bulochnikova for good organization of the event!

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