The Russian part of the International Black Sea Clean Beach Day took place on 7th of October in the resort capital of Russia – Sochi. Littering is one of the major environmental problems for this city, which coast line runs up to 145 km long.  This problem becomes more and more urgent as it affects the whole biological chain from plankton to marine mammals and birds. Institute of Marine Biology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ecological-biological centre of Sokolov (Sochi), NGO “Znau. Lublu”, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), State Oceanographic Institute (SOI Russia) and about 40 children and 10 teachers from Sochi got involved in the events. The events included:

Educational part:

  • Workshop on the ecological indication of the Black Sea (so called “environmental sentinels”) for children and teachers;
  • Presentation of Marine Litter programme (using the Marine Litter Watch (EEA) mobile application);

Practical part:

  • Search for the environmental sentinels – Black Sea inhabitants (algae, shell fish, fish and other), which represent the status of the Black Sea (for the brochure please read here – in Russian and English) on one of the undisturbed beach in Sochi;

Cleaning up activities and filling out the marine litter protocols.img_8078

All these activities were accepted with great enthusiasm and gratitude by both children and teachers. They were very useful and practical for all participants so they hope to repeat and extend them. Scientists were happy to share their knowledges and practical skills, teachers accepted their experience with great pleasure and children were also very active in cleaning the coastal line and in their wish to know better their native Sea and its life!

On 28th of October in view of the celebration of the International Black Sea Action Day the picturesque territory of Ecological-biological center of Sokolov (Sochi) became a small copy of the Black Sea. The new educational product was developed with the support of the EMBLAS project by joint efforts of scientists and professional children involvement specialists.


It is called “Environmental Journey by the Black Sea” and was made as a mobile quest (game) for children which is both educational and entertaining. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), State Oceanographic Institute (SOI Russia), NGO “Znau. Lublu”, Ecological-biological centre of Sokolov (Sochi) got involved in the event.15007961_1007055766088624_157103847_o

Seven Sochi schools were in competition with each other. They had to “travel” through the sea, show their knowledge about the Black Sea, learn new amazing facts about it, and exercise in attention, speed, making different creative tasks, asking questions about biology, geography, ecology and history of exploring the sea.


118 children had made this quest. They all were very active and emotionally involved in the event and also very happy to receive EMBLAS souvenirs.