One of the issues covered by the EMBLAS II project is marine litter (both monitoring and actions to prevent / remove it). In frame of the informational campaign “Black Sea Clean Beach Day” in Ukraine besides the informational campaign, the practical actions include removal of an illegal dumpsite created from the marine litter and tourist activities located near the beach area.

The area selected in Ukraine – Kinburn split between the estuary of the Dnipro and Bug and Black Sea is very important for biodiversity (International Bird Area (IBA) and Ramsar site (wetland of international importance)). The illegal dumpsite was assessed as 200m3 of waste. The work on waste removal was done under the leadership of National Nature Park “Biloberezzhya Svyatoslava” with the support of the project and Ukrainian Society for the Birds Protection.

The works to remove the waste and bring it to legal landfill located at the distance of more than 90 km in conditions of sandy dunes, hard for machines, took several months. But finally the works were finished; the land was ploughed to make sure no new illegal dumpsite will be created.

The Park introduced containers and press for plastic collection so the action should be sustainable. They also regularly remove marine waste from the sandy beaches.

Please see the story in the photos.

Congratulations to all involved parties for the great job done!